Introduction to Popular Culture Studies


Posted by adusheck on April 20, 2017

As an education major I liked the article “From Weird to Wide.” The article discussed some important concepts discussed in my teacher education program but from a different perspective which was kind of neat. The first question asked in the article discussed the differences between the rich and the poor, asking who was smarter. This is ultimately a trick question as everyone is only as smart as they can be. It isn’t necessarily that the rich are smarter or that the poor are dumber, its only that the rich are presented with better and more opportunities to learn than the poor are most of the time. I enjoyed reading this because it meant that someone other than education majors and teachers realized this and had an interest in it too. The second half of the article discussed creativity which is also a HUGE issue discussed in the world of education/educators. The article discussed what impacts creativity such as location which plays ultimately the biggest role for a multitude of reasons, first and foremost being culture. Everywhere you go there is something that is more popular in that region that is creative such as anime, although it does okay in America it is culturally influenced by Asian culture. Not only that but going back to the education part of it also depends on location because quality of the school system severely impacts a students creativity. Standardized testing in America plays a large role in making kids less and less creative because rather than focusing on student creativity and their ability to implement it with other core subjects teachers teach solely for testing purposes and nothing more or less.


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  1. jasendavis said

    I think this is of great importance to education majors. These separations of have and have-nots are a huge issue when we talk about how schools should and could function to make up for the differences.

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