Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Thinking Transnationally, Pt.1

Posted by tristendenney14 on April 19, 2017

For many posts now, I have for the most part understood what we were talking about and why this topic is important. However, as we begin the next topic of Thinking Transnationally, I am once again back to being confused as I was when we started this semester. For example, from the four assigned online essays, Ethan Zuckerman’s, “From ‘Weird’ to Wide” was definitely my favorite, but I feel I am still confused on the basics of this essay. I will try to break down the major points I felt were important, but no guarantees as to how accurate they are. First, before I begin stating the major points I saw, I must say this article was hard for me to read since it jumped from topic to topic multiple times, but I did honestly enjoy reading it. The first point I believe Zuckerman effectively talked about was the idea that IQ, race, and even one’s intelligence, creativity, and humor affect local media and the economy. Though many believe the government and other financial agencies ultimately determine how the economy and media are distributed, this belief is false, and this is seen through the availability of resources and infrastructure of different locations. This is also where I believe the “weird” part of this essay comes in, as these factors also relate to cultural memes. I had no clue there was an internet database of memes organized by country and date produced, or that the BRIC countries were some of the largest contributors. But, this meme collection and group of leading countries in this industry is what I believe Thinking Transnationally and Spreadable Media are all about. As Zuckerman concludes this essay, “…Internet memes and to participate in the process of remix isn’t just about encountering a wider, weirder world. It’s about ensuring we build an Internet that allows cross-cultural contact to take place…”. Though we have discussed how “spreadable media” refers to different types of media used in today’s society to interact with one another, I also believe “spreadable media” relates back to Zuckerman’s idea that it should encourage “cross-cultural contact”. Therefore, we must rid the world of cultural and media boundaries to effectively interact and spread media with one another.


One Response to “Thinking Transnationally, Pt.1”

  1. jacobkaraglanis said

    Your last sentence very well sums up a great portion of this topic and this class. The best kind of media is the kind that spreads past all boundaries. These boundaries hold us back from fully connecting with our world, and when we are able to connect fully, we can much better spread media and much better understand the people that we share the world with.

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