Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Thinking Transnationally 1

Posted by jacobkaraglanis on April 19, 2017

During this reading for our blog post, we read essays that described media that is transnational. This is about the media that crosses the borders and the cultures of different nationalities. I personally find transnational media very important to our culture in America because I feel as though it helps diversify the communities and the cultures that are in our country. I say this because I feel as though being involved with other countries and nations is vital to being able to understand the world that we live in, and keep ourselves up to date with what is happening in the world that we live in. I also find it to be very cool when a piece of media is able to spread across multiple nations and maintain relevance among many different nations. I also find it interesting to see what becomes popular in American culture, that also is extremely popular in foreign countries. I see this in a lot of unique different forms of media. Some examples of this can be seen with the pro sports that are popular in the world. There are sports like soccer, hockey, and basketball that are all extremely popular in America. It is very cool to see countries and nations like China and other Asian countries that absolutely LOVE the NBA and love american basketball. And how invested the world gets whenever the World Cup happens and how popular it is around the whole world. There seems to be a connection with the sports industry and music that makes media spread across nations. Overall I just think that the whole transnational spreading is very interesting.


2 Responses to “Thinking Transnationally 1”

  1. emilyjones232 said

    I like how you mentioned popular sports in other countries. It is crazy to think that sports here are super popular somewhere else and vice versa.

  2. laurenivey22 said

    I definitely agree with Emily on the sports thing. I thought that was a very nice touch. Super weird to think about how the sports we like, are also liked in other countries, some are even called different names. (soccer-futbol)

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