Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Targeting Desis

Posted by marylennoxhalf on April 19, 2017

The article that was the most eye-opening to me, was “From Weird to Wide.” The beginning paragraph had me questioning the world, and the way some more developed countries are considered rich while underdeveloped countries are considered poor. Scientific racism also interested me, because I did not know that was even a thought. I do not know how some people with different races, who were born in a different place would effect the wealth of a place. Memes are a relevant topic to bring up, while talking about unequal distribution in the world. Some memes that are popular in America could be a lot less popular in other parts of the world. The internet is very helpful in spreading these memes across countries and continents and making them popular in other places. Many of the examples in the article were fascinating to learn about, because I really did not know the impact on a video or commercial about something would bring such global awareness. Although in an ideal world, all forms of communication would be easily spread from country to country, the internet makes it much easier to get popular things all around.


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