Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

From “Weird” to “Wide”…and back to weird

Posted by laurenivey22 on April 19, 2017

From the four online essays we were assigned today, my favorite had to be Ethan Zuckerman’s, “from weird to wide”. Zuckerman really tried to point out how someone’s IQ, race, creativity, etc. can affect social media and the overall economy today. Many people seem to believe that the government and other financial agencies determine how the economy and media are distributed, and this just isn’t true. Its seen the available resources and the infrastructure of different locations.
Another example that stood out to me was “the revolution is not spreadable.” This essay speaks about social media and the way people and companies tend to use it. According to the author, many people like Donald Trump and Ashton Kutcher use social media to connect to their fans and audiences. Back to Donald Trump, campaigning has been used through social media so much these past couple of years. Many people were using social media to get out their political views and retweet the candidate they believed should win Donald Trump (who was a candidate and now the president) was tweeting about the campaign and now is still tweeting even as the president.
Social media can be used in many forms for many different things and sometimes that can be a good thing, such as getting yourself out there, or a  bad thing, such as making unintelligent remarks, bashing someone else, or just plain being dumb.

4 Responses to “From “Weird” to “Wide”…and back to weird”

  1. The way Donald Trump uses his social media is definitely bothersome to a lot of people because people don’t fell it is professional enough, which is a lot of people’s issue with trump. They say he lacks professionalism.

  2. lillieeastham said

    I think Hillary Clinton’s social media also was a strike against her. Her social media was very staged and awkward and reinforced people’s idea of her as unlikable. Trump’s unprofessionalism, while I wasn’t personally a fan, definitely added to his likability for some because it made him seem more genuine.

  3. tommistowers said

    I love how you used Donald Trump as an example!!!! For Donald Trump to get his name out their he used social media to help his campaign! Donald Trump has not only helped his campaign he has also got his name out there by getting in drama on social media. Social media can help you but also help you and Donald Trump is the best example for that! Good Job!

  4. marylennoxhalf said

    Social media was definitely used during the election, and is still used by Donald Trump as President. These tweets spark a sense of communication throughout the world, by adding emphasized reactions from his followers.

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