Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The Long Tail

Posted by adusheck on April 18, 2017

The part of this reading that stuck out to me specifically was the part about the long tail versus the hit. The long tail theory suggests that the producer should focus on the niche as opposed to trying to appeal to multiple audiences’ through one production. This is very different from the last reading where we discussed what made media spreadable and while a long list of criteria was given the gist of it all was to make sure that media targets more than one group. We see this with things that are popular every day, especially television shows. In my last post, I used Greys Anatomy as an example because it is a show with a wide range of viewers because each character relates to each type of person on some level. Although I can see where appealing to multiple types of viewers through one production could be smart I can also definitely see how it could hurt you also. By doing so it does not allow you to get truly personal whereas with niche centered media the producer could get as personal/detailed as needed because the targeted audience would be very limited. The use of technology aids in the successfulness of this theory as well because you can type two words into a search bar and infinite answers will show up. Not only that but with apps such as Netflix and Amazon each niche as a place where it can be found, for example if I am in the mood to watch a sci fi movie but don’t know exactly what I want to watch I can simply go to the Netflix app and go to that section and see hundreds of movies that fit the description.


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