Introduction to Popular Culture Studies


Posted by nasir502nasir on April 18, 2017

In this generation, just about everything can be done digitally. Music downloading, book reading, social interaction with people, shopping, paying bills, everything is all done on your phone, computer, or your laptop. Lately and through the course we have been focused on media and how it is spread. Now the subject is independent media. Independent media is a little different from what we have been talking about thus far. Usually with the spread of media, (music sites and apps are my favorite examples) musicians and musical producers feel that they won’t benefit or profit as much or at all from giving out music more freely. Which is why apps and sites like Apple Music, Spotify, Rhapsody, Tidal and such were created. They were made more to control the music. However, in this section it isn’t looked down upon as much. Independent media seems to thrive mostly through participation from the audience. This increases the popularity of the content. Giving music out more freely tends to help certain artists gain and maintain popularity that they didn’t or wouldn’t have if they sold their music the exact same way as others do. This allows more people to come in contact with their music and spread it to even more people so that they too can hop on board. All this does is help their following for later on down the road. And maybe then they will have enough loyal fans to give out their music differently. Or if they choose to still give it freely they still have created a lot more buzz.

One Response to “Independent”

  1. faythleighann said

    I agree with your understanding and examples of independent music. This was discussed in class on Tuesday when we compared Chance The Rapper and the “U2 iTunes” controversy. I think the idea of free choice and loyalty are factors in the success of the music. Audiences don’t ignore the fact that these producers are generous with their talent and good music that they trust their fans to continue the mutual relationship so both benefit.

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