Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Courting Support for Independent Media, Part 2

Posted by amycorysite on April 18, 2017

The reading for our 22nd blog post on independent media brought to the surface many substantial topics on spreadable media. Such as, bands and how they tend to gravitate and stay in the same vicinity that they originated from. due to this fact they manage to gain a larger fan base in said area. Certain independent producers for example Paley and Doctorow, give the public access to free downloads. Thus, the audience at hand is satisfied; therefore, the audience participates in the circulation and spreading of various brands and entertainment. Overall, the producers of independent media benefit from our digital age. The reading also dived into the history behind media information and how the spread of indecent media and media as a whole began through primarily books and magazines. The main premise of the reading gave the idea that through the years (or more so decades) producers in entertainment or media/ news related topics portray to their audience what they wish to see or ear; as a result, the audience benefits the producers by enhancing their fan base. Loyalty and fandom growth further the ability to better enhance the spreading of media at large. YouTube and Soundcloud both are prime examples of a free media fanbase. On the sites and apps stemming from these media sites allow average Joe’s to further their dreams in gaining recognition or fame for that matter. The downfall behind these sites remains to be the never ending amount of ads and pop-ups, but realistically how else are these media sites going to make any profit from their free downloads or music? Regardless, independent media remains to be a profitable and honest business in access to the public.


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