Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

The Long Tail of Digital Media

Posted by emilymorgan98 on April 17, 2017

(originally due Wednesday 4/12)

In “The Long Tail of Video Games”, I wish that there would have been something describing what “Long Tail” is. I have never heard of it and so it made the article sort of hard to understand. I am guessing it is a video game but I do not understand what it had to do or even what it did concerning video games. In the article, though, it mentioned how observers have seen how it has been easier to get a game into the “top 10” and I can very much agree on that. It seems like anything can be big; take flappy bird for example. It was a very basic game but it was a huge game that everyone played. I never under why it was such a big game; you just had to tap on the screen to keep the bird in the air (I am not hating, I myself even played the game and even different versions once it got taken down off the app store). It is seeming now, the bigger games have to do something with memes, at least from what I have seen anyway. There was a bottle flipping game that would always pop up if I went to search something in the app store. Now I think there is even a game about the whole “Cash me outside how bout dat” meme and even the girl! It is crazy to think something so dumb can become so popular and have the person that made it a good amount of money.


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