Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Independent Media

Posted by briannaembry on April 17, 2017

Throughout this book, the use of unrestricted circulation seemed to be frowned upon and causes risks to the original content. Producers fear that they may not benefit from the free use of this content by the general public. Lack of restrictions would pose a threat of the lack on control on the producers’ ends. However, this theme seems to be proven different throughout this chapter within the realm of independent media. Independent media typically thrives on the emphasis of audience participation. Without the mass use of audience participation, many of these sources of independent media would not thrive. Independent producers such as Paley and Doctorow realize this trend and offer their media to the public free for downloads. This allows for better audience circulation and actually makes their brands more popular in turn. Through the circulation of their media through audience participation, more people are able to come in contact with these works being circulated by word of mouth circulation and what’s being shared on social media. Social media and the digital age definitely has its ways of benefitting the producers of independent media.


One Response to “Independent Media”

  1. katemilner9 said

    Audience participation is shown time and time again to be a tool that media producers can harness to help their media grow more popular through how easily spreadable word becomes when a media is accessible, or free. It makes you wonder what the real difference is between independent media and “mainstream” media is that makes free downloads have two completely different meanings.

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