Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Doctorow, Paley, and Courting Supporters for Independent Media

Posted by laurenivey22 on April 17, 2017

Digital media has become a huge part of our society and pretty much consumes everything we do. From today’s readings, it focused on two artists by the names of Doctorow and Paley. The two artist share their forms of success and how encouraging fans to engage and be active in their forms by making them open to the public with online or digital versions. The readings stated how Doctorow published his books, but got more recognition when he allowed his fans to download his books for free online. Paley, on the other hand, is making her profit off something called “gifts” that she gets from her fans. Both of these artists showed me that in order to be successful, you have to give the audience what they want, and in return, they will give you what you want.
Another important thing I read about was how books and magazine used to be our main from of media information. They were where we learned everything we did about popular culture. Due to our society being so technology based now, we are more focused on online articles and tv commercials. Records and radios were replaced with CD’s and DVD’s which were then replaced with iTunes and Netflix, which is all online. I believe this goes to show that what Doctorow and Paley did was not only to engage audience members more, but to become more updated and technologically advanced in order to keep up with pop culture and the secrets it holds.

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