Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Doctorow and Paley

Posted by tommistowers on April 17, 2017

Are you apart of the digital world? Do you believe authors should switch to making their product apart of the digital world? Let’s sit here and thing for a second. In our generation today, the world is mainly made up of texting, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, and more. No one buys CD’s anymore, they just use their AUX cord. If you want a book you can simply just buy it on your phone, laptop, or even kindle. In our society today, this is the digital era. We are constantly streaming, downloading, and listening to things that a few years ago we would just go buy. Why would we need to go to the store if we can just download it while sitting on the couch.

In today’s reading it focuses on two artists, Doctorow and Paley. Both of these artist express their level of success by engaging their audience to be active by making their copies open to the public with digital versions. Doctorow publishes his books through a commercial publisher, but gained greater visibility by allowing fans to download his books for free. Paley has digital copes of her work online for free. Paley is making a profit due to her fans various forms of “gifts”. Paley states that she trusts that her audience will pay for what they value. Both of these artist have realized to make it into this world that you have to allow your audience to become engaged into your work. If you let them engage then your product will then become successful!


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