Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Courting Supporters For Independent Media

Posted by kaufmansw on April 17, 2017

Digital media is most definitely taking over in the world today.  Books and magazines used to be the most popular forms of media.  Books and magazines are no longer popular forms of media though.  CD’S were considered a big deal too.  I don’t know when the last time I seen someone pop a CD in their vehicle.  Today, it’s hard to find a teenager who doesn’t have an aux cord in their car.  You won’t find a book or magazine in most teenagers’ cars either, you will most likely find a phone that is constantly on social media where memes are popping.  One thing that Paley said in this chapter that I really liked was that she “trusts her audience”. This is important because it shows she is a humble person and doesn’t look down upon others, catering her work towards her audience. Paley also stated that “the more shared something is, the more demand there is for it.” This makes sense because if more people know about it or are hearing about it, then there will be a demand for others to hear it.  Paley reminds me of Snoop Dog because we read that he was open to criticism from his fans.  The theme of this class to me so far has revolved around, those who listen to others and adapt, are far more successful than those who stay to themselves.  This reading was no different because Paley asked for the opinions of her audience.  I think it’s impressive how far digital media has come, and I am excited to see where it will go next.


One Response to “Courting Supporters For Independent Media”

  1. Sean Hull said

    Are CDs fading that fast in popularity? I wonder if they’ll eventually fade into the residual and then become cool again some fifty years from now, then I’ll suddenly be hip with my stacks of physical media in the passenger seat of my car.

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