Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Courting Supporter’s For Independent Media Pt. 2

Posted by lillieeastham on April 17, 2017

The example of attempting to provide music to fans at a price that they can afford reminded me of an incident that didn’t go so well in 2014. When Apple launched the iPhone 6 it also automatically downloaded the new U2 album onto every iPhone, free of charge and without permission. Instead of the intended affects, most people were outraged that this album had been forced upon them and taken up valuable storage. I think this shows that for discounted media to be a success the fans have to be willing participants. Chance the Rapper, for example, doesn’t sell his albums but instead makes them available to stream which has proven to be wildly successful.

I also think it’s interesting how the reading points out the difference between the abilities of a physical store vs. an online catalog. When I was younger and would go to Blockbuster my taste was limited to a couple movies in the store that I had deemed ‘my favorites’. Now, no matter what movie you want to watch odds are you can find it somewhere online. This has also created a rise in popularity for certain tv shows, because you can stream them at your own pace via Netflix, whereas at Blockbuster you were on a strict one week timeframe. Similarily, I have found my music taste has greatly expanded through streaming services. When I used to purchase songs in middle schools, every song that I downloaded was a $1.29 commitment, now, if I decide I hate the song two weeks later it’s no big deal because I can remove it and I haven’t paid any extra money.


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