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Courting Supporters for Independent Media part 2

Posted by jasendavis on April 17, 2017

Okay guys! Stick with me here. I’m going to try to write another post using my phone. Wish me luck!

I want to begin by saying that the “Long Tail” analogy really isn’t a great one to explain grassroots and niche media marketing. First of all, why a tail? It does grow, and it does have a narrow and a wide end, but where is the rest of the car/dog/ tiger/monkey etc.? I would compare it to properties on a mountain. Of course, the property on the top of the hill is the most valuable it has the best views, it is bigger, and it can be seen from all angles. Let’s say that that property is 1 million dollars, but the houses At the base of the hill get cheaper as they radiate down. 

The only hope a grassroots real estate would have is to attempt to but the smaller houses and hope they appeal to a different group of people and use that to further success. I don’t really understand the tail metaphor, but my attempt may not be too much better. 

I do like the attempt that creators make to try and convince consumers that their motives are strictly altruistic when they give a production for free. Much like the promotions at sporting events, you have to buy a ticket to get the free t-shirt. When a musician releases a song for free, they expect you to buy the album or download another. They don’t do it just for the “people that don’t have money.”


2 Responses to “Courting Supporters for Independent Media part 2”

  1. tristendenney14 said

    I definitely agree with you on the “Long Tail” analogy Jasen. I see what the analogy is trying to accomplish, but I feel there are much easier ways to describe this method. Also, I liked your point about creators and producers not just doing stuff for “people that don’t have the money.” Though it is nice and rewarding for both the producer and consumer to exchange media free of charge, the producer also has to think about their financial situation at some point.

  2. vene131 said

    I definitely agree with the part about musicians giving away music. Like their only reason behind putting up songs for free is to encourage you to purchase the entirety of it. One of my faves released an EP recently and some of the music is on YouTube, but the only way to get like extra songs was to buy the actually CD.

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