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Courting Supporters for Independent Media part 2

Posted by Kimberlea Ferrell on April 17, 2017

As I read through this chapter, one thing kept occurring to me: the need for balance.

I really love how some artists are breaking the mainstream molds, crowdsourcing and encouraging free downloads. This doesn’t mean that their way is the only way to circulate media moving forward. This is great for targeting specific audiences, increasing audience participation, co-creating with them, but not for the people who just have casual interests. I think you need both to sustain the media environment, to appeal to smaller groups and then larger parts of society. Of course there can be tweaks to the system, or new models, that I cannot see or have not come to light, that could be even better.

I also found the section discussing Christian media to be remarkably relate-able to me, to my surprise. Growing up in a baptist church, I only thought of gospel music as boring hymns. When Dad discovered a Christian radio station, things changed. I loved bands like Skillet, Red, and Flyleaf. My parents approved of them because of their lyrics and their faith. Even now as I try to distance myself from religion, I still enjoy some of their music. This is usually because the messages of their faith are not as apparent or just not even in some of their songs, appealing to a wider, more secular audience.

2 Responses to “Courting Supporters for Independent Media part 2”

  1. emilyjones232 said

    I agree with your points you made about the Christian music. My whole blog post was about that section of the book.

  2. laurenivey22 said

    I like how you mentioned that some artists are breaking the mainstream molds and encouraging free downloads, this is a big deal and it needs recognition.

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