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Courting Supporters for Independent Media

Posted by emilymorgan98 on April 17, 2017

I saw how it the reading something was mentioned about giving music to fans at an affordable price and all I could think of was the incident with Apple and U2. I don’t remember when exactly it was but boy, the jokes around it were pretty funny! Apple tried to give some free music in an update and it did not go so well; instead of what they hoped for-that everyone liked it- they got the opposite reaction. No one was happy, at all.

When it was talking about Paley and how she has given away some of her merch for free and is more worried about her fans it struck me as almost refreshing in a way. Seems like anymore celebrities are out for money and more money.

When it was talking about the Independent media (likes movies and music) I honestly wish more independent stuff is spread around more. I do not like its fair for the money to not have some kind of advertising where everyone is going to be able to see it because the director/producer maybe cannot afford it. Some independent movies are actually pretty good!

Also, in the reading, it mentioned how bands can plan tour dates around where their music is distributed. I agree with that but I think it also depends on where they are more located. Like, you see more British bands have more tour locations over in Europe meanwhile a more American artist is probably going to have more locations over here in America. However, I guess that does kind of go back to where they are more famous and they get more famous depending where their music is at most.


One Response to “Courting Supporters for Independent Media”

  1. nathanpowers22 said

    The free U2 album seems is a good example of unsuccessfully trying to force spreadability. As we discussed in class, the whole incident just came across as completely unnecessary for such an established music act and it deprived fans of choice in the matter. I haven’t used iTunes in years so I don’t know if something similar exists on there currently, but I think Google Play Music provides a good model, in a way, for what iTunes tried to do with U2. Every month, GPM hosts a curated selection of tracks by indie artists across a broad swath of genres and occasionally entire albums, label samplers, and popular singles from the recent past and decades back. The key difference is this service is opt-in (i.e. you can choose what songs/albums you want to download), and music is not automatically placed in your library.

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