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Christian Media

Posted by emilyjones232 on April 17, 2017

I found the section in our reading tonight about Christian media quite interesting, so that’s what I’m writing about tonight.

My church back home is very traditional and filled with lots of people over the age of 50 out of the congregation of about 200. We hardly ever sing any hymns from the 21st century, and if we do, it’s from maybe 2002 and remade from a classic hymn, like Amazing Grace, just to give you a picture.

Also at my home church, we have a Homecoming service every April and usually a Gospel quartet comes to sing and a guest preacher comes to bring the message. The part of the text that spoke about the quartets was oddly true. The spreading of the Gospel music is very accurate. Quartets know how to get the money from their CD sales and the love offering taken after the performance.

Every spring, I go to a Christian concert called Winter Jam. It is a gathering of many popular Christian artists that come together to worship and sing songs to God. Admission is only $10 because the people who put on the concert do not want to turn anyone away from seeing the show and getting a blessing. However, in the middle of the show, there is an offering taken up for the show. The hosts for the evening recognize that $10 alone could in no way put on a show of that caliber.

The question is “is it ethical to do such a thing as take up money for something that is meant to spread the word of God?”



2 Responses to “Christian Media”

  1. katemilner9 said

    This is one of those cases where many would find it hard to look at Christian media from a business standpoint over a moral one. While, logically, one would assume that any sort of music/film/written work would require compensation, your question is valid: how can those who believe it’s their purpose, or their duty to spread what they believe exploit that belief to make money?

  2. vene131 said

    I think your question is the main reason a lot of people do not support churches these days. I personally don’t believe in going to church because of how monopolized it has become (particularly with big churches. Lookin’ at you Southeast), so I totally love how you go to a small church!

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