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My Trash Son, Juno Steel (April 13th)

Posted by vene131 on April 13, 2017

This article about webcomics caught my attention because I have never really thought about how things like webcomics, or just web content in general, gets spread this way. I think a way I relate to this right now would be with how people listen to podcasts because they are similar to radio shows. The same thing can be said of webcomics because they are an online version of regular comics. Basically they are technological versions of a type of media that has been around for a long time.

The Penumbra PodcastMy favorite podcast of all time hands down is The Penumbra Podcast. I would like the preface with the fact that one of the characters of the podcast is actually someone I personally relate to, so he is like one of my top three fave characters of all time. (I just love my trash son Juno Steel okay.)

Things like webcomics and podcasts increase availability and make it easier for the writers and audience to interact. With The Penumbra Podcast, after the writers post an episode people totally livetweet their feelings and like 98% of the time the writers like and comment on what you have to say.

Screenshot (29)

Last month I asked a question to one of the writers, and it became A Thing.

Screenshot (30)

The actor who voices Juno had some opinions as well and it was lit.

People who listen to podcasts like The Penumbra Podcast  can contact the writers and cast on social media now so it makes the spreadablity and getting involved so much faster. There is a more personal relationship with the writers, cast, and audience because of online communities that connect with podcasts.

Another part of this artcile I found true is how they talk about writers of webcomics have a way for people to buy merchandise to help their comics. This is true of podcast as well. Right now The Penumbra Podcast has the soundtrack on their website for purchase. Most podcasts have some form of merch that you can purchase as a way to a) support the writers and cast and b) you get to have cool podcast merch!

One of the most important aspects of webcomics and podcasts for me would be how they allow for storytelling to be new. Regular comics and TV shows lack diversity. Webcomics and podcasts have so much more diversity with race, sexuality, gender, and even mental illness representation than I see in a lot of regular comics and TV shows. For example, in The Penumbra Podcast the main character Juno is a bisexual, nonbinary, POC, with depression out the wazoo.

I have never heard of a character this diverse in anything I have ever watched and guys I have watched and listened and read so many things in my 21 years of life. And that is why I think podcasts have this amazing way of spreadablity that is hard to replicated with regular comics and TV shows.


3 Responses to “My Trash Son, Juno Steel (April 13th)”

  1. emilyfalicaa said

    So I absolutely love podcasts. I don’t get to listen to them as much as I wish I could, but This American Life and Ask Me Another on a long car ride is great. But this spreadability and fan connection through a podcast is so cool to watch. One of my friends loves Rooster Teeth and has the opportunity to tweet these people, buy t-shirts and monthly box subscriptions, participate in contests and submit ideas. Its so much more interactive then comics or TV and it is so cool.

    • vene131 said

      Omg I love podcasts too dude. They have so many good fiction ones now. I listen to them on mu drive to Louisville every weekend, so I totally feel that. Man I definitely agree. I probably tweet the Penumbra Podcast and the Bright Sessions cast like once a week.

      • emilyfalicaa said

        To be honest, I had never heard of The Penumbra Podcast but I got super height when I saw it because I just read Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore. I need to get into more podcast because I love to listen o things while I do homework

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