Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Fan Engagement

Posted by nasir502nasir on April 13, 2017

I feel that there have been a lot of similarities in the texts lately because it all seems to go back to engaging the media, who engages the media, what type of media people engage and how to get people to keep coming back to engage the media. One of the articles spoke about how the levels of fans engagement is what determines their success. Another article spoke about gaming and how in games if there is no engagement then there is basically no game or no reason for the game. That is absolutely true when it comes to the world of gaming because you have to play the game yourself. In other assets of life you don’t have to actually participate in something to be engaged in it. But in the world of gaming you have to be engaged. I used to be a somewhat big gamer. When I was growing up the hot games were ones like UFC, Madden NFL, NBA 2k, the Call of Duty series, NCAA football, and a variety of more war, fighting or shooting games. All of these required and got a lot of participation from the audience they were trying to reach, whether it was sports fans, people who liked violence or people who just liked the story mode setting in the games. Once a game blows up and people all hear about it, it becomes more and more popular and more and more people will engage in and enjoy the game for themselves.

4 Responses to “Fan Engagement”

  1. faythleighann said

    I agree with you in the comparison between gaming and other media to engage an audience. It is easier to actively be involved in a production when it demands attention. However, as you briefly mentioned, other forms of media can be engaged in a less direct way and still continue to exist and have purpose.

  2. marylennoxhalf said

    I understand the relevance of this in comparison of what we talked about earlier. Different forms of media do have different audience views, which is important to understand when looking at each particular media type.

  3. I agree, I also noticed the pattern of “engagement” being a common theme lately. You’re also right about how engagement is very essential in the world of video games.

  4. emilychildress329 said

    I noticed the common theme of engagement as well. I like to think that this is because engagement is the major key to getting certain ideals of media out in the open. The way people use many kinds of media today is by getting fans involved.

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