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Baiting People to Buy More

Posted by emilyfalicaa on April 13, 2017

The Swedish Model might have had the term coined in Sweden, but it is a successful model of advertisement used by artists all around the world. And not just in music, but in literature as well. Artists like 5 Seconds of Summer, Chance the Rapper, Ed Sheeran, and Halsey all see the value in giving some to get more. They all give away songs by free links, coupons, or downloads. The essay The Swedish Model by Nacy K. Baym quotes Martin Thörnkvist in 2009 who says, “I’d rather have one million listeners and one hundred buyers than one hundred listeners and one hundred buyers”. The listed artists definitely agree with this mentality of gaining listeners over buyers. Mainly because you have to attract people to your product before you sell it to them. Music is something you listen and warm up to. You don’t choose an album because the cover looks pretty, you buy it because some of the songs had you hooked. So by Thörnkvist letting people pirate some songs and other artists like the previously mention giving away free songs, they are putting out the bait before reeling it all in.

The same theory is commonly applied in in literature. The largest example is in chapter previews via ebooks. Over the past few years a lot of online ordering sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble have benefitted themselves, authors, and publishing companies by offering online previews. People are able to get a sample of the writing style, language, or point of view. They can meet the characters or conflict. They can get attached to the material making them more likely to read the whole book. Sure, hundreds of people might read it and decide to never look at it again. Taking 50 pages or so of free material. But The Swedish Model entices just as many readers in to dive in and buy the book.


3 Responses to “Baiting People to Buy More”

  1. You made a great point by saying that “you have to attract people to your product before you sell it to them.” I also noticed when the online ordering sites started offering the online previews, and I like it much better that way. It’s like going into the store and reading the first few pages of the book and then deciding to buy it, but you can do that from the computer screen, which is more convenient sometimes.

  2. emilychildress329 said

    I agree with the post and the comment completely when you stat that you have to get people attracted to the product before you can sell it to them. I do not think that a lot of people realize this though.

  3. jasendavis said

    I’ve seen this at work, but I just put the two together as a single concept as I read this. O actually purchased Spreadable Media on kindle first, and I was given the option between three books to receive for free. I just realized that this was the Swedish Model at work.

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