Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

How Important is Fan Engagement, really?

Posted by laurenivey22 on April 12, 2017

I decided to my blog post about the essay “Joss Whedon, The Browncoats, and Dr. Horrible” because it helps to show just how important fan engagement is in order for a company to get their product or show out there. The main topic of this essay is Joss Whedon who is the author and producer of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
His Dr. Horrible’s sing along blog is a great example of fan engagement because it gives the fans exactly what they want and in doing this, the fans help get the positive word out about the blog, drawing more viewers and more attention to the post. This is the definition of something that was made specifically for the fans.
I also seemed to find the essay “(Sp)reading Digital Comics” a very intriguing essay as well. I don’t really enjoy reading comics but the overall theme of this essay showed the evolution of comics throughout the years and I found this to be very interesting. Comics much like every other book, have gone from original paperback books to webcomics which are obviously, online, like everything else in this damn world. This however, does allow comics to become more accessible, causing more people to read and purchase them.
In conclusion, the first essay I chose to write about I found intriguing due to the fan engagement and how Dr. Horrible was made specifically for fan engagement. Also, for the second essay I found intriguing due to the fact of how much comic books have progressed and changed throughout the years and how much more accessible they are, causing fans to purchase more which is good for the company.

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