Introduction to Popular Culture Studies


Posted by amycorysite on April 12, 2017

After reading the five different essays for today’s blog post I found Geoffrey Long’s essay, “(SP)reading Digital Comics” to be most intriguing. Not so much because I enjoy reading comics by any means, but because of the evolution behind the spreading of comics through the decades. Comics, also known as “floppies” started out as tangible paper copies found in numerous  local comic book stores. Comics have now gone from paper copies to webcomics through RSS feeds online and via email. Now fans are able to share and enjoy similar comic book favorites with one another as well. They do so by recommending certain comics to one another through various social media websites. Allowing them to simply share a link and comment with one another. Thus, countercultures are born. All thanks to the simplicity of sharing a URL link. They way the creators of the comics gain recollection is “in hopes that recipients will pull up the website themselves in search of additional content”. Spreading of comics or recipes or whatever one wishes is produced online for the benefit of both the producer and consumer. The producers of the comics obviously wish for their fans to go further online to find more of said authors comics and share those as well. Therefore, T-shirts and merchandise are also made to further produce a fan base for specific comics. Just like any other art or entertainment produced in the media today, the growth of the image is produced through merchandise and social media.


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