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Fan Engagement

Posted by tommistowers on April 12, 2017

During tonight’s reading I mainly focused on two articles. These two articles were The Use Value of Authors and The Long Tail of Digital Game. The Use of Authors explains that the level of success for the game/show in this case is based on discoverability.  The Use of Authors argues that the author of media content has a tremendous impact on consumers, since they attribute “a heightened level of authority and autonomy over the item of media” to authors. Therefore, the level of success is based on fan engagement.  The authorship is often valued because it lets us distinguish between content we discount and content we care about. If we become more engaged or begin to care about the material in the game/show we then will give that material our attention. Once we give something our attention we are not only giving it the time but also our money. As for The Long Tail of Digital Game the producer needs fan engagement to make their game more successful or their will be no game. The fan engagement for game producers is extremely high. If the fan engagement is high, then their game will be stood out and noticed. Once the game is out in the open and being talked about then that is the game everyone wants to start playing. For example, back when I was a kid the “IT” game was Grand Theft Auto. Weird Right? But girl or boy it seemed as if everyone was playing that. For game producers they want their game to be the “IT” game. This is why fan engagement is important, not only for television shows but also video games!


One Response to “Fan Engagement”

  1. katemilner9 said

    Fan engagement really does control what media creators pursue. If something succeeds once, it’s not uncommon to see other companies try and copy cat, to try and get the same kind of success the original creator found. We have to wonder what that does to variety in media.

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