Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Fan Engagement 

Posted by marylennoxhalf on April 12, 2017

From tonight’s articles, I was able to understand the importance of a fan base. Media needs to have a group of fans who encourage others to watch/listen/see whatever tv show/book/game/movie they would want them to engage in. Although this seems like an obvious idea for spreading the content, you really must understand what could happen if this group of fans did not support the way they do. It is necessary for these fans to get the world out, so hopefully more and more people would show interest in the content. I know for me, many shows on Netflix I watch simply because a friend has recommended it. Recently, the buzz online as well in real life is the new Netflix Original show “Thirteen Reasons Why.” I watched it, because I saw tweets about the show last week. Now, tweets and posts are everywhere talking about this show. This, like many other popular media, I have been interested in because it was recommended to me. Without social media like twitter and facebook, I would have never thought much about this show. With the excessive amounts of tweets and engagements the show is getting, I am sure many of the viewers watched because they saw it all over their feed. Fans are a crucial part in getting the word out about certain popular media.


4 Responses to “Fan Engagement ”

  1. emilyjones232 said

    Fans promote the content and usually bring in more people that become fans themselves. Good job!

  2. adusheck said

    I agree that fans play a large role. Just by telling someone else about a show we have already had a huge impact. An example from my life is also related to Thirteen Reasons Why, I watched the show and then told my mom how good it was and she started watching it which is strange because it’s a show she wouldn’t watch otherwise.

  3. vene131 said

    I definitely agree that without fans it would be impossible for shows to gain viewership. I think at least once a week I see someone on Facebook asking for TV recommendations or Netflix recommendations. So it makes sense that without fans the entertainment industry would kind of have nothing.

  4. I agree, as well. Social media has definitely pushed a lot of shows to the forefront and that 13 reasons why is one of them for sure.

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