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Courting Supporters for Independent Media part 1

Posted by jasendavis on April 12, 2017

With any good business, the hall is to identify a need, feel that need, and monetize the good or service they use to do so. With media, the formula is no different. In the example given by Nancy Baym, the bars in Sweden that share their music with the pirati g website face a different obstacle. They have a product that everyone on earth is looking for: good music. What they have to do is convince consumers that their music is the right product to use to fill the gap. The same way Joss Whedon must endear himself to cult followers to expand his brand and a young author has to initiate word of mouth transfer to popularize his or her book, bands have to get their music out to a few people that will love it and share it. 

That his one benefit to having a cult following with fewer members as opposed to a broad following with no meaningful attachment. One dedicated fan may be more valuable than 10 casual fans in terms of spreadability. A casual fan will drop the subject after a few moments of being told no by friends when he or she suggests they follow along and get involved. A dedicated fan with stop at nothing to recruit others into the fandom. 

For example, baseball fans couldn’t care less if another person doesn’t like it. Fans if the show Dr. Who take it as a personal affront of an acquaintance doesn’t watch the show. 


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    Sorry this is riddled with errors guys. I tried to write it on my phone. My computer isn’t working.

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