Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Courting Supporters for Independent Media Part 1

Posted by faythleighann on April 12, 2017

Tonight’s readings were honestly one of the most interesting yet. In each one a different focus or approach was recognize to the same main idea: the importance of audience engagement. The essay I could relate to the most was Geoffrey Long’s “(Sp)reading Digital Comics”. Similar to the author, I too would go to the local comic store with my make cousins and search for hours for the perfect story. However, Long mentions the shift towards “webcomics that have emerged as an alternative form of publishing that makes such practices even easier”. The webcomics serve as outlet to not only easily spread the stories and ideas globally, but also had other ideas and tangents. For instance, many webcomic sites offer fans a way to express their reactions to the graphic novels, buy merchandise related to the stories, and even remake the strips to their own desire. This gives the audience an opportunity to interact with the authors and illustrates while also creating new story lines. Webcomics’ purpose is solely to establish a sense of community involvement among the fans and between the writers. This idea is another example of how retrograde movements can be spreadable through media. Even though I understand the purpose and agree that Webcomics are an effective way to spread the ideas, I still prefer the “floppies”. I think that the experience to search for a story and also the memories I have of going with my cousins seems more personal than typing a volume into the search bar.


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