Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Courting Supporters for Independent Media, Part 1

Posted by emilychildress329 on April 12, 2017

After reading the assigned essays that were for tonight, I gained a lot of respect for people who are in charge of all types of media related things. One thing that really stuck out to me was the essay called “The Long Tail of Digital Games”. You might not be able to tell when you first look at me or talk to me, but I have a great deal of knowledge about video games and often find myself hanging with the individuals that play them. When reading this essay, I really understood how hard it is for video gamers to get their games out and noticed. Most people want the “it” game. The game that everyone is talking about that is usually a serious of games, but that is not the point. A lot of games that are sold, do not get the credit that they might actually deserve because they are not a popular game company and that is not their fault.

I can really relate to seeing this happen because I am a huge fan of Call of Duty games, therefore I tend to get more excited about those games coming out and that company producing them, rather than any other game and I believe that a lot of us think that way and not just about video games but every day products. I think that if we were more open to things that we were not always used to then that would allow other companies to have a chance at their fame.


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