Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Courting For Supporting

Posted by jacobkaraglanis on April 12, 2017

After reading the essays that were assigned for the blog post that is due tonight. It seemed to me that there was a very major theme amongst these essays. The theme being that separability for independent media essentially relies on the cult and the somewhat obsessed fans of that said media. I say this because I feel as though this has been a similar theme that we have touched on a few other times in this class. This theme is also something that I have seen in my own life. The common saying that, “four quarters is better than one hundred pennies.” This saying though is in reference to having four really reliable, good, and meaningful friends, rather than having one hundred okay, shallow, and somewhat meaningless friends. This saying is pretty related to the courting for support of independent media. This is related because the producers of independent media are in desperate need of their “four quarters” in order to really become a spreadable sort of media. This is because if they only have the fans that are like the “one hundred pennies” then those fans are much less likely to spread their media and make it popular. While the really dedicated, cult followers are very willing to spread their love for the media in their daily life, to their friends and family, and all over their social media. So for me, these essays seemed to really hit on this necessity to have the dedicated fans and how receiving or “courting” these types of cult fans are essential to spreading an independent media.


2 Responses to “Courting For Supporting”

  1. adusheck said

    I agree that fan base makes for success. It is the root of success in this business because simply no viewers means no show. But it’s not enough to have a small group of people who watch something that is why making something that is good quality and can relate to a multitude of people is important also because a show that is only meant for one audience will only bring that and will come to an end pretty fast.

  2. I see that u referred to the media as a “cult.” And at first that part threw me off. But as i read on and kind of thought on it I agree that the media can act like a cult in certain ways like how they follow shows so hard.

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