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The Long Tail of Digital Games

Posted by kaufmansw on April 11, 2017

I gained a new sense of appreciation for companies publishing video games after reading The Long Tail of Digital Games.  Proponents of the Long Tail have stated that independent game developers instead of titantic game developers “will prove consistently more profitable to focus on niche audiences in this new world of digital game distribution, rather than to focus on the development of broadly appealing hits.”  As a guy who plays video games himself, I’m looking for the highest quality game out there not who makes the game.  I feel this is how a lot of other people think in the gaming world and this could lead to the spreadability we have talked about in class.  If people are willing to give off brand companies a chance, then there’s a chance that they could make it big.  This idea leads to a more positive gaming experience overall to me because if there are no small independent game producers, then the big ones can practically run a monopoly on games charging whatever they want for less quality.  All in all, this idea represents the American Dream to me.  If I have the power to develop a game and sell it to the world against a major corporation’s game then I feel like I have some power.  I remember 5-10 years ago when Xbox was the big one that everyone had to have and then it switched to PS4 but now it’s moved to a more mobile scene.  The amount of games you can play on your phone or IPad now is scary.  The world is ever changing and just like the previous readings stated, those who evolve will succeed.


2 Responses to “The Long Tail of Digital Games”

  1. Drake Kizer said

    I think you made a lot of great points in this post, especially in regard to the recent changes in gaming. Your analysis that some of the most popular titles that gamers are playing these days are all on mobile platforms, which is a big change from “5-10 years ago” when console gaming was the only viable option. I also strongly agree with another one of your points, which is the necessity for “independent game producers” because if they didn’t exist, then big companies would have no competition and they could “[charge] whatever they want for less quality”. The issue of less quality is a major issue for big entities, because they honestly have zero incentive to create new and engaging content without competition.

  2. emilyjones232 said

    I agree with the point you made about independent brands. You have to give a smaller brand a chance to make it big!

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