Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Isaiah Mustafa is a Gift. (April 11th)

Posted by vene131 on April 11, 2017

I was really exceited when I red the section about humor and the fine line between a joke and an insult because it used the Old Spice commercials with Isaiah Mustafa as a good example. I love the TV shows Shadowhunters as I’ve mentioned before, and Isaiah is on that show and always talks about how funny he thinks those commercials he did are.

Shadowhunters - SEASON FINALE: Watch The Cast React To The Final Episode Of Season One! - Thumb

He’s part of this cute cast now awe. ❤

I definitely agree with the fact that these commercials leaned towards the joke side and not the insult side. The tone of the commercial was humorous in the way it suggested that to have a man that looks like Isaiah he would have to use Old Spice; however, they did not do it in a malicious way. I think that the advertisers knew that it would be funny to use someone who was as in shape as Isaiah for the commercials because it could be interpreted as ironic. Like it is obvious that people do not use Old Spice to actually make themselves good looking; that’s not how this works. But the reason they use the product is because it was a funny commercials and the product seems good to them.

These Old Spice commercials definitely found a way to mock traditional masculinity in a way that was funny but not mean. Old Spice is for everyone and I think they are trying to say that by ironically using someone who is ridiculously good looking to do it.


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