Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

HAHAHA…. what’s so funny?

Posted by cameronbrooks3 on April 11, 2017

When reading Designing for Spreadability the section that caught my interest the most was “Humor” I really like how it went into depth on the difference between a joke and a insult. In media there can be jokes as well as insults. When you think of jokes you usually think of memes and GIFS That be on our mobile devices and social media. Although they mostly seem funny they’re times that they can be highly disrespectful. Either it involves stereotyping, racism and even rude gestures, when you think or hear a joke you want to laugh and enjoy it so much that you share it with friends and family as for in insult you find it offensive and actually hurtful. For example, in the book it talks about the advertisement of the old spice commercial¬†“Smell like a Man, Man”, which in my opinion was pretty funny to me when reading it, to other it could seem rude and harsh by the fact they are basically saying that your man isn’t me but once he uses the product of Old Spice even though we still won’t look like the gentleman on the screen he will at least smell like him. Now and days we live in a era that people are becoming more insure about their face and body in general, females want to look like models and guys want to have a body of a professional football or basketball player. At the end of the days it’s no one faults but our, if we think that insulting people will increase the chances of buying products than we have a lot of work to do.


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