Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Designing for Spreadability Pt.2

Posted by amycorysite on April 11, 2017

The beginning of April 11th’s reading, designing for spreadability dove into the context of audiences and commercial distributions having an equal motive to circulate content. As I read about the uncertainty aspects behind the entertainment industry I became more intrigued. The biggest issue to arise with entertainment companies thus far is overproduction. But the most important factor closing in on the main points of the audience versus the industry infers, “One thing that is clear: people don’t circulate material because advertisers or media producers ask them to, though they may do so to support a cause they are invested in” (198). Content in the media is not created equal due to the variety of people and personalities in which the media has to relate to. and better yet “ Content spreads, then, when it acts as a fodder for conversations that audiences are already having” (199). So much of the content that is spread is done by a touch of a button, a “like”, or a comment. None of what occurs on social media is truly that stimulating to even the audience unless you come across a long lost best friend or relative. Even then the action it’s self isn’t meaningful until it’s real. Until you get to see that long lost friend or relative in person, until that gap between the two are closed. That is the one thing social media can’t do. Is fill the void in which it has set for our generation as a whole.

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