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Voltron was Some Risky Business (April 6th)

Posted by vene131 on April 10, 2017

There is definitely no way to determine if something will for sure be a hit within the entertainment industry, and I can see how a lot of things that are hits are things that just happened. I think the most popular story we see nowadays is the idea that someone did something organically and someone was recording and now they are famous. That is basically what happens with any meme that comes out.

Entertainment is about the risk for a lot of writers and producers. They have no idea if something is going to really become a success; all they can do is look at past productions with similar characters and see how they did. But even then it is not a full proof plan because people change and the things past generations related to are not things that my generation relates to.


This can be seen with a lot of reboot series that are happening. One of my favorite reboots would have to be Voltron: The Legendary Defenders. I saw a couple episodes of the original Voltron when I was a small child back in the day, but it was never something that connected with me. (Legit my good pal Juli and her friend Emily are watching the old series now that it is on Netflix and apparently it was ridiculous.)

Screenshot (25)

However, now I literally stalk the writers to see when the next season will be out (we just got season two recently so here comes another year of waiting. https://i2.wp.com/data.whicdn.com/images/34797332/original.gif

But I think that because the writers took what people loved from the original version, like certain core values the characters had, and added aspects that would appeal to people like me (one of the characters has legit PTSD and another one is probably nonbinary) and makes it into something that we can all appreciate. Netflix took a risk on rebooting the series but I think because they knew it had a major following back in the day that it would have one now.



2 Responses to “Voltron was Some Risky Business (April 6th)”

  1. Drake Kizer said

    I can always tell your posts from every other person’s on the class blog, since they are always colorful and full of images and gifs that make what you write extra enjoyable to read. Past that, I think you made a lot of great points in this post, especially your analysis of how uncertainty plays a huge role in today’s media environment. As you alluded to, content creators have absolutely no idea what is going to become a success or not, and so they have to blindly throw their content out there and hope it is caught. Your commentary on reboots was also very insightful, and I think we can all relate to a time when we have impatiently “[stalked] the writers [of a show] to see when the next season will be out”.

    • vene131 said

      Thank you so much! Honestly, I’m just super extra that’s why I add pictures and stuff. I’m glad others know what it’s like to be impatient about shows to that stalking writers point though.

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