Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Viewer Unraveling ft. Star Trek (March 30th)

Posted by vene131 on April 10, 2017

One of the biggest and longest running fandoms would have to be the Star Trek fandom. I confess I only got into Star Trek because of the reboot series, but that is not to say I haven’t watching The Original Series now that I am Into It. The idea of fans being invited to engaged with TV shows based simply on the complexity of the show is something that struck me with Star Trek.

Anytime someone creates a show that is based in a world that is not exactly like our own, it adds this layer of complexity to it because the fans have to become well versed in this new universe. This can be said of Star Trek because it is literally about space: the final frontier which is somewhere we haven’t exactly made huge leaps with like they do in the series. However, I think the reason that fans have taken to the internet to write so many theories about the series is because of how complex it is now with the Alternate Original Series.

The creators have added a completely new timeline with the reboot and this means that fans have to work out what the hell is actually going on anymore. Fans like to figure out if there are signs of certain storylines that happened in TOS are going to happen in AOS. Because of this they take to internet forums and discuss it together. Additionally, it adds another layer because it is both old fans who have a lot of knowledge about TOS and new fans who have knowledge about AOS coming together and intermingling what they know the crack the case on what the canon is in this new timeline.


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