Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Spreadability With Youth

Posted by connorfrederick12 on April 10, 2017

Mekanism has marketing, virality and everything else figured out. TARGET MARKETING AT THE YOUNGER GENERATION AND DO IT WELL. There could be no better way, in my opinion, to get to an audience but to market your product or media towards the younger generations (I’d say ages 14-25). People who are younger generally are able to be swayed to watch, listen, read or participate in whatever it may be way more than someone who would be older, especially with people becoming tech savvy at younger and younger ages.

With marketing to a younger audience, or any audience for that matter, you have to make it generally easy to send and share your media. Facebooks like and share buttons, Twitter’s like and retweet buttons, Instagram’s like button and ability to send the picture or video to someone via direct message. All of these ways have been extremely effective in spreading media because of one factor: they are easily accessible. But, even though these options are very easy to use there is still a large number of people who will like a post and not share/retweet it. Tweets and other types of posts may have three or four thousand likes and only a thousand retweets because you have to go to a second window just to decide of you want to quote or tweet the tweet.

With most social media having a mobile platform now, it has made it easier for people to access information within the platform whenever and wherever the person may be. Making the probability of more people seeing a particular post higher than it would be if the platform was constricted to a computer.


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