Introduction to Popular Culture Studies


Posted by adusheck on April 10, 2017

I found this reading very interesting because it was very relatable and true to todays society. When talking about what audiences want it gave a list which basically stated that media needs to be portable, reusable, relevant to multiple audiences, have a steady stream of material, AND have a “cause” that sparks the viewers interest. While this list is very thought out it seems so careless as a viewer. As I was reading this I thought about the ways that I watch television shows and movies and then what those shows and movies are and why I watch them and the list basically hit every target listed. Because of technology I feel that the need for media to be portable is extremely important because if someone can watch a show on their phone or laptop or tablet they will at some point. An example of this in my own life is when I watched Greys Anatomy for the first time I would watch episodes on my phone during school, on the bus, in the car, basically always. This show also meets the criteria of both being reusable as well as being relevant to multiple audiences as there is a bit of an educational aspect to it and is largely viewed by viewers with a huge age gap, I am 18 and my grandma is 60 and watches it. It also meets the guidelines of having a “steady stream” as it is now in its 13th season which I would say is consistent and strikes something that each viewer is interested is because of that steady stream. Although there are a multitude of reasons that one may love the show, mine is because of the characters and that comes from the consistency of the producers connecting everything back to the original characters that I loved.


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