Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Soap Operas Part 2 (March 9th)

Posted by vene131 on April 10, 2017

Something that really struck me was the idea of how there are interpreative layers that are added to whatever the brand of media is that is being consumed by the way people react to is post show. I have never thought about this in realtion to soap operas per say, but I can definitely see this as something that has grown throughout my generations viewership of programs.

Soap operas would have their shows interpreted by the audience, and then audience memebers would call people and talk about them at the workplace and this would add this new level of viewership to the show. This can be seen with so many shows today. I know that I live blog/live tweet my favorite TV shows when I watch them live. Putting your responses on socail media live when a show is airing adds this new aspect the the TV show. You are now becoming a part of the narrative in a way that was never there before.

Listen I know I talk about Teen Wolf a lot, but it is one of the few shows I always watch live. I think that within that fandom, people loves to live blog/live tweet their reactions to the show because a) they are adding their own personal touch to how they are feeling about what is happening and b) because when you put that information out into the internet people with like ideals respond. I once made a Teen Wolf text post while watching live and gained like five new friends online because people agreed with what I said. It is an interesting way to have an influence on the show you are watching without really effecting the show in anyway, and I can see how this appealed to people who watched soap operas. They didn’t necessarily want to change the show; they just wanted to find people who liked it for the same reasons they did and talk about it.


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