Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Soap Operas (March 7th)

Posted by vene131 on April 10, 2017

I enjoyed the idea that soap operas value the characters of the shows over the plot of the show. Personally, I watch and read a lot of things that are character driven, so I can apprecaite that kind of writing style. I think the interesting thing with soap operas is that people stick with them for so long. The reason for this is because people become invested in the characters and not necesaruly the plot that they have. This can be said for a lot of shows. Even if you think about reality shows this way, the reason people watch them isn’t because of the plot, but because of the people and how they grow.

A person can track a character for decades within a soap opera and become really connected with that character. I know that personally characters that I have known since I was younger tend to be ones that I want to know about the most people I have been with them for so long. And I think a lot of people who watch soap operas get so attached to these characters because thye have been watching them for so long that they become a part of their family. This is even more accruate if you consider the fact that a lot of soap operas turn into shows that older parensts watch with their adult children. My grandpa used to watch The Young and the Restless and my mom would watch it as well, so it was a shows where they both loved the characters so much that it passed down from generation to generation.


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