Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Participation to Spreadability

Posted by nasir502nasir on April 10, 2017

As we move sort of from participation in the media to spreadability again we have to address certain things. The fact that participation sometimes depends on how you spread the media you produce is one thing. If you do not have a good idea how to spread your content properly you won’t be able to reach as many people as you would like. Also, with spreadable media you have to do five main things. Those five are: make sure the media is available for the audience when they want it, make sure it is portable, make the media relevant to multiple audiences, and make sure it is easy to use and access because people hate going through hassles. Your media has to be interesting. And when I say interesting I mean to multiple audiences of people. You also have to remember just because you personally may be interested in something definitely does not mean that same subject will be that interesting to a lot of other people. You have to be able to expand your horizons when it comes to the media. People love going to the same sources for their media, but not going there and seeing the same thing when they go. If TMZ ran the same stories or CNN ran the same stories then people would not have the same interest because it is nothing new to them. And especially with TMZ because they choose more of the media they want to promote to get people to keep coming back.


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