Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Designing spreadable media

Posted by emilymorgan98 on April 10, 2017

When I first read the title for the following reading I did not really know what to expect going into reading. I do not know why but I never thought that it would be what makes media spreadable. In the beginning it talks about factors that helps media content spread around. I definitely agree with when it was talking about how producers and other people trying to start something have to now think of how to get it out to people since the mindset “build it and it will come” is not really a thought anymore since people have become more last when it comes to media. They do not want to work anymore since now you can just get on google and find anything you want.

The part about controversy was interesting because it seems like a lot of that has been going on lately. Or really, it has become a big thing within the past decade or so. It made me think of the term “bad publicity is still publicity” (or something along those lines) because for a while it seemed like actors/actresses had some bad publicity more than good. Plus, it made me think about how people would date during whenever the movie or show was on but ended up breaking up, rather it be a publicity stunt or not. I know a more recent example would be Taylor Swift and, her more recent guy, Tom Hiddleston. It was thought that they were only together to promote whatever they had going on with work because they only dated for a few months.


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