Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Designing for Spreadability Pt. 2

Posted by emilyjones232 on April 10, 2017

When I read the title of our reading tonight, I was very intrigued. Since we have been talking about spreadable media the entire semester, I was wondering what more we could introduce on the topic. Tonight’s reading discusses what makes content “viral” and what it takes to get there.

As a Public Relations major, I have become accustomed to wondering how to market a brand or product and what makes it special. It is the same with the spreadable media. Media companies have one goal, and that is to get their content out there to as many people as possible.

The means of publishing the content and who it is marketed to is also important. In today’s world, it seems that products are being sold to younger people. Younger generations are more easily swayed by advertisements, whether that be because a famous celebrity is in the commercial or they use a song by their favorite band (I know I am guilty of this as well), teens are flocking to products marketed solely to them. Younger people also see ads in many different ways: TV, movies, social media, etc. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat are majorly where I see ads for things.

It’s not a new concept that companies use celebrities in their advertisements. Lebron James is in Sprite commercials, Alec Baldwin works for Capital One, Selena Gomez is portrayed on Pantene ads. For instance, makeup brands send YouTubers boxes and boxes of products to review for their viewers. Companies know that fans of a particular person will sell a product better than any ad can. Celebrities make things viral.



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