Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Designing for Spreadability Part 2

Posted by marylennoxhalf on April 10, 2017

I found this section very interesting, as it is more about the content that is spread rather than the way it is spread. Each time I think of this, I relate it to Twitter. It is very interesting to me which twitter posts receive the most feedback (tweets/favs.)  Although most of the popular tweets I see are either from celebrities or famous people, I have recently seen posts that pop up at “promoted.” This means, that some random person on twitter chose to promote their tweet, in order to allow it to end up on more user’s profiles. It is always so funny to me to see these tweets, because of the content of each tweet. Many of the promoted tweets I see confuse me, because they have something to do with that person being single. They promoted it in hopes of someone scrolling, to see that they are single and then stalk their page and think they are attractive?? Romance? I just laugh, and usually send it to a friend. Anyways, the content of what is seen and placed in front of an audience is very interesting to learn about. The book mentions different styles and “topics” and how they are used to be seen more by others. It would be interesting to see the stats of different companies’ online posts, and which posts receive the most engagements from users. If one specific type of post gets less than others, like pictures or videos, or links, less people might be willing to click on it. Overall, this was a very interesting section to me, because I am very interested on how to get certain types of medias in the face of audiences.


2 Responses to “Designing for Spreadability Part 2”

  1. adusheck said

    I agree that twitter is a good example. So many tweets go viral in a week, even a day I will get on twitter and see the same tweet at least 20 times. I also constantly see people that I don’t know on my feed and have others favorite and retweet my tweets because of mutual friends.

  2. emilyjones232 said

    I like how you related it to social media. Social media is a place where things can go viral instantly.

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