Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Designing for Spreadability

Posted by mackenzie brown on April 10, 2017

Promotion for brands is extremely important especially through the media. I realized after this reading how much actually goes into promotions like TV commercials or ads in magazines. There are a lot of factors that they have to consider before producing a promotion because it has to relate to the customers and their needs. One thing that really stood out to me was “building relationships with the communities shaping its circulation’. I think this is essential because brands technically do have to build a relationship with their audiences otherwise they would not be successful. Some brands do a better job at this than others and I believe that is what makes companies and brands stand out. Audiences and customers love to feel rewarded for contributing or being a part of a brand. Industries must be extremely creative in making promotions because there are literally so many they have to compete with. Another part that stood out to me was that 80 percent of what TV producers put out will fail. It is true that they must “post and pray” because they do not actually know what will make it which is only about 10 to 20 percent of what they make which seems crazy to me because I feel like that 10 to 20 percent that does make it is actually a lot of television or whatever it may be. I would love to see 100 percent of what they actually make and compare the 80 percent that does not make it to the 20 percent that does make it. It is so interesting to me to think about all the factors that go into making spreadable media.


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