Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Bonus Post: Local Pop Culture Place

Posted by emilyfalicaa on April 10, 2017

My town of Scottsville, Kentucky doesn’t have a lot of significance when it comes to cool places that are popular to the area. But one place that is known to all and has been around forever, is what is currently known as The Station. My first job in high school was working for WVLE and WLCK, our local talk/music and gospel stations. I initially thought it was just a creaky old building with a bad mold problem, but my time there showed how important The Station is to the popular culture of the entire town.

In 1954 when the station was first started, it served as a way for people to hear the news and jam to some good old tunes. It was common for people to hang out as the station and do whatever they please. It has been over 60 years since it started, but this place does the same thing and so much more.

The primary job of the radio station is to give the local news, events, police reports, and obituaries every hour to anyone listening. And trust me, everyone listened to these radio waves. It is how local people spread news about their get togethers and BBQs, church functions, deals at the YMCA, or local music events. We have a segment called fleabay where you can call in and put stuff on air to sell or want-ads. It is also the only place that you can have advertisement specifically for local people to hear. It was a common occurrence to be on air and look down the hallway to see a bunch of old men talking about who is planting what and who has the biggest cows. People would drive to the station late at night and set up lawn chairs under the windows and drink beer.  We also broadcasted all the local sports games and fiscal court meetings so people who couldn’t be there could still be involved in their community.

Ultimately, The Station isn’t just a place where we say some stuff on air, have a microwave from the 50’s, and have a two hour lunch break. But it is the lynchpin for the culture of Scottsville. Its where people hang out or just learn about their own little world.


2 Responses to “Bonus Post: Local Pop Culture Place”

  1. kaufmansw said

    I’m quite jealous of your experience. I’m from Louisville and I love the fact I grew up there, but if there was one thing I wish was different it would be that there would be more of a small town feel.

    • emilyfalicaa said

      There are also drawbacks when it comes to “popular culture” in small towns. For mine its popular to be xenophobic, racist, and homophobic. You would be in big trouble if you believed differently. I would get hate calls when I was on air, I know someone who had their car vandalized, certain places wouldn’t hire me. Sometimes even churches would ask me to leave. While there are great things that come with living in s small town, you have to deal with problems

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