Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Ads….Real or Fake?

Posted by laurenivey22 on April 10, 2017

I found this weeks reading to be rather normal. Nothing really shocked me but the examples of the fake ad campaigns really seemed to stand out to me for some reason. I noticed in some of the earlier blogs that the Jimmy Fallon video with the girl twerking quite horribly and then catching on fire was mentioned. This is an extremely good example of how videos can go viral whether people believe them to be real or not. Many people believed this video to be true when in all actuality it was just a fake video made in order to see if it would initially go viral. It had no intent of selling any products, it was just made for entertainment. I think this goes to show just how much the media has effect on people and their everyday viewings. The fact that this video wasn’t even real and still went viral was a pretty good indication of just how oblivious and ignorant people can be when reblogging and commenting on videos. And it also goes to show viewers just how easily a company that is trying to sell a product can manipulate you.
In order for media to become viral or for someone to find interest in it, it obviously has to be intriguing and interesting. This way, the participation in the spreadability of media will come a lot easier because people are more willing to participate in spreading media that they find shocking and interesting. It has to reach multiple types of people and not just be directed towards one specific group in order to get the best spreadability.
Overall, this reading taught me many things about the media industry and just how uneducated we tend to be about the whole scenario.

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