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Old Media teaching New

Posted by nasir502nasir on April 6, 2017

I would have to say this article was one of the more informative ones. Maybe not as interesting, but informative to say the least. The media has changed a lot over the years. Old media and new media are similar in ways but very different. How producers and such keep up with the times and stay relevant takes a lot of effort in the changing times and generation. The thing about the media and generation is it is always changing. To stay popular and relevant you have to change with the times. Whether that means changing your content or changing your style you have to change with the audience you are trying to appeal to. You have to know how to spread media effectively throughout the different avenues of media. If you are focusing on social media you need to know how to use it effectively and communicate properly on the sites. If you are a movie producer you have to keep appealing to the audience if you want to do things like make successful sequels to your movie. Through the years, you will make loyal fans who are willing to go see and support whatever you put out as long as it is somewhat up to par with you work in the past. However, you have to change some things up if you want to create and gain new fans who support you in the new generation of followers you are trying to get.


7 Responses to “Old Media teaching New”

  1. jasendavis said

    I don’t think you could change the media. The internet is a Pandora’s box that we have opened and can’t reel back in. I don’t know if there is any way to police media and expression.

    • jacobkaraglanis said

      I one hundred percent agree Jasen, your analogy is spot on. There really is not a way to reel back in the media that is online at this point. It’s pretty much out of our hands. That being said I do feel like there could be a way to police future posts and such. I also think drastic measures could lead to just completely destroying the electric grid?? lol

  2. I would have to agree with jasendavis. The media has become and is a never ending cyclone of events; in which, we can not change or prohibit the emotions of those in the media.

  3. connorfrederick12 said

    I have to disagree with the previous comments here and agree with you. You HAVE to change your approach to media daily, and that’s not a stretch. Television, film, social media,the internet, it changes every day and you have to change with it.

  4. I agree with you that these essays were very informative. I also agree with you when you said that you have to change with the media in order to maintain the audience that you are trying to appeal to. Therefore, I also agree with Connor’s comment.

  5. faythleighann said

    I also agree that in order to stay informed and relevant to the changing media, an active user/consumer also has to change. However, this to me isn’t the same as directly changing the media itself.

  6. cameronbrooks3 said

    I also felt like this article was also more on trying to use old tools and try to make them work with the new. I will agree that, as the years go on and time changes we will need to most definitely change the way we look at media. On the other hand if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, meaning lets not go crazy on changes, if it it not needed.

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