Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

Designing for Spreadability Pt.1

Posted by amycorysite on April 6, 2017

After having read both Lotz and Weaver/ Ford’s essays, I found that the concept of true validity is key in both the way one assesses and shares how “spreadable media” flourishes. It is not always the intention of someone to misinform or copy another person, but it remains in their ignorance on the subject. Much of social media today has formed cult like groups who continue to share and distribute the same beliefs and points of view. Some remain more mainstream than others, but the concept still remains the same. News brands and broadcasting systems on the other hand pose more credible sources than those of television sources. News sources provide new content and validating the facts behind the content as it continues to speed online. Therefore, no words are misused or copied, but validate true content to social media sites. Although Lotz/ Ford state, “news stories have always had some degree of inherent bias and misinformation attached to them as a reflection of the person(s) responsible for gathering, vetting, writing, and reporting that story”. As a result double-sourcing for journalists has become a key to cross checking their work and accuracy of their sources. Many large media companies have begun letting go many professional reporters due to down fixing and as a result more misinterpretations from these sources have continued to excel in other reports as a result of downsizing on reporters. Now it is time for the audience to join in dialogue versus just having the ability to circulate content of said subject.


2 Responses to “Designing for Spreadability Pt.1”

  1. emmaeled said

    Many mass media sites come under fire for being “biased” but often when you break down all of the stories there will be biases. Nothing can truly be reported with out and there will always be people who interpret the story or news differently and call the media liars.

  2. cameronbrooks3 said

    I think people just fail to realize that there will be biases in everything you do or talk about. Weather it is in media or just looked up history, being biased is just natural. Not saying that it is a good thing but yet everyone is open to their opinion.

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