Introduction to Popular Culture Studies


Posted by adusheck on April 6, 2017

The readings for today compare new and old media which I liked because I feel that through this course it has been stated that media is majorly evolving, we haven’t discussed how. Although it is common sense to us that social media has played a large role and we discuss that heavily we have not discussed how it changes the roles of things that were previously important, or how some things are still important although we don’t think about it much. An excellent point made in the article Learning to Be a Responsible Circulator is that with all the new forms of media credibility is lacking, so we look to the past to find reliability/credibility in brand names such as National Public Radio (NPR) or New York Times. While we don’t think about it we let so much media affect our daily lives down to what we watch on television before we even stop to think about credibility. If someone retweets a tweet from a person that we don’t even know saying that a movie is terrible there is a likely chance that if we have not seen the movie for ourselves yet we won’t even watch it because a stranger said they did not like it and someone who we see in passing but don’t know who we follow on twitter agreed. Social media plays such a large role in our lives as does the internet in general with the use of sites such as Wikipedia which ANYONE has access to and can edit and we allow ourselves to believe basically whatever we read which is scary when you sit down and think about it which I hadn’t until reading this.


2 Responses to “Brainless”

  1. briannaembry said

    I like the example you used with the relationship between twitter and the movie. Its very true that media today is not credible but people still do rely on what they see on the internet. This can effect the popularity of certain brands.

  2. emilychildress329 said

    Media in no way is credible today like it might of been a couple years ago. I think that no matter how much you stress to people that you cant believe everything you hear over media, people will still believe it. This is what allows certain things, some more than others to get noticed.

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