Introduction to Popular Culture Studies

What Old Media Can Teach New Media

Posted by tommistowers on April 5, 2017

While reading “What Old Media Can Teach New Media” the point that 80 percent of what producers develop and create will fail commercially. Although 80 percent fails the producers didn’t know what 10-20 percent might actual be successful. For producers they need to realize to not get too caught up in trying to design the big new thing but to focus on multiple and different ideas. The section about cost caught my eye though. Stating that “the fact that spreadable media is characterized by its circumvention of paid distribution reduces costs and also allows creators to release preliminary content and then follow up on successes with sequels or extensions.” This caught my eye because the first thing I thought of was the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is the king of commercials. Most commercials presented during the Super Bowl are very successful. The producers of these commercials are trying to grab your attention by being creative in selling their product to you. Therefore, these producers are predicting their success based on last year’s commercials that have succeed or their last year’s commercial. This is because more than not people in the United States watches the Super Bowl. I mean I know people who watch the Super Bowl just for the new commercials. Although the companies and producers that present these commercials are losing money for the outrageous air time they will get the money back just because of the Super Bowl.


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